Wine o’Clock


A selection of French inspired Luxury pastries and a bottle of wine.

6 French Pastries – Almond Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Escargot, Plum & Pistachio Danish, Black Currant & Violet Danish, Apricot Danish*

Brown&Co. A little Sweet Rose OR A little Dry Moscato

Beautifully gift wrapped and delivered by courier.

Be sure to provide the recipients contact details at checkout and we will take care of the rest!


A Little Dry Moscato - A little dry and a little delightful, this Moscato leaves an aftertaste of adventure without the excess sugar. Pair with spicy Thai takeaway and comfy shoes for late night quests.


A Little Sweet Rosé - A little sweet and a little lively, this vegan Rosé dances to the beat of its own barrel. Pairs perfectly with sunshine, mates and a no-phones-allowed policy.

*pastries & flavours may change without notice due to season and availability.