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Make Mondays Great Again!

Our catering program is designed to supercharge your workplace, reduce unplanned absences & increase productivity!

Receive a delicious order every Monday of the week to share amongst your office.

Invoiced monthly, cancel anytime with no lock-in contracts. Our flexible catering program is a great way to Make Monday’s Great Again!

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What’s so good about supplying food?

Food has the incredible power to unite people into a team, boost overall morale, increase motivation levels and of course, improve productivity!

Companies that make an effort to recognize their employees and contributors are ones that typically rate highly on employee engagement surveys. So whether it’s breakfast, lunch or morning tea, results in a spike in productivity and efficiency, according to the Victoria Health. These are the most important meals of the day and over half of Australians are skipping it.

A survey by Seamless found that over 60% of the 1200 surveyed employees said that having company-provided food around the office “would make them feel more valued and appreciated”

  • More than half said that a free lunch “would strongly influence their decision to accept a job offer;”
  • 60% said such free lunches would encourage them to chow down with their colleagues; and
  • One third said that free food at meetings would prompt them to attend optional meetings.
4 Reasons WHY & HOW to supercharge your workplace
  1. Increasing productivity

People begin to lose concentration, memory function and fall into fatigue. A simple solution to this problem would be to provide something tasty for your team. A scrumptious treat will make all the difference to efficiency!

  1. Reducing unplanned absenteeism

New study from BrightHR and leading psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper concluded that half of their respondents who said they had a happy work environment had not taken a sick day in the last three months. Providing food options in workplace will not only encourage beneficial habits for your staff but increase productivity in the long term. Efficient people are well-fed people.

  1. Connecting the workforce

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Research shows employees who eat meals together have significantly greater performance rates than their peers who prefer to eat alone or skip meals altogether. This is because forming those crucial workplace connections are the foundations for positive workplace culture, collaboration and teamwork. The simple act of eating together can elevate your team into a family.

  1. Morale booster

Nobody has ever been saddened at the mention of free food! Simply providing a huddle with food “fuddle” can be a welcomed and happy surprise for employees and encourage efficiency at work. You’ll be surprised at how your working environment suddenly shifts into a place of collaboration, positivity and adaptability.

What have we learnt? Give your employees free food!